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What is a Dynamometer?

A Dynamometer is a device that provides a measurable load (force) on an engine, and is used to measure the power produced by an engine. Dyno load measurements can be used to evaluate an engine's full throttle power and acceleration.

Dynamometers measure engine output as pressure (P.S.I.) buildup at specific full throttle RPMs. For evaluating changes and engine improvements, at a specific RPM, an increase in pressure corresponds to an increase in engine power. A dynamometer can detect and simulate 93% of engine load conditions that a water test on the lake would provide. Low idle speed testing, mid-range or full throttle testing can be accomplished in a controlled environment with a dynamometer.

Dynamometer horsepower testing will not harm an engine. All you are doing is duplicating normal operating conditions through the use of a dynamometer, without having to have the boat motor running in the water.

Why is Hydraulic Load Testing Important?

An engine's operating characteristics are completely different during no-load (static) running than they are during loaded (dynamic) running. It would make sense that your should do your tuning and troubleshooting on an marine engine that is comparably loaded to actual on-water conditions. May customer complaints do not show up on an engine operating with no load. Using a dynamometer to provide hydraulic load testing will improve engine troubleshooting and repair accuracy.

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